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About Us | Qasser Al Saraya Furniture

 Date of Establishment:

Qasser Al-Saraya Furniture began in 1978, and during decades of hard work and careful planning, it became one of the leading and prestigious companies for home furnishings and furnishings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the company was keen to provide all the means and elements of success for the works and projects that it implements, by attracting the administrative and technical cadres of engineers. Designers and specialists in carrying out works at the highest level of professionalism, and after years of planning and hard work, the efforts of these years began to reap the return and the company’s branches have doubled to eleven branches in the Kingdom and we are in the process of opening other branches to cover all parts of the Kingdom and we have a success march in cooperation with international companies with an international reputation To produce furniture from Italy, Germany, France, the United States of America, Turkey, Malaysia, China, and we try our best to satisfy the needs of our customers so that they get the best quality at the best price in the market.

Qasser Al Saraya has many branches in Riyadh, Jeddah, Hofuf, Buraidah, and in the context of an ambitious future plan to open branches in all cities of the Kingdom, and it has a fleet of integrated transportation and a team of trained workers to transport and install furniture for customers throughout the Kingdom.


The main objective of the company is to provide the finest types of furniture and present it to our customers wherever they are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to supply the market in general and all customers in particular of all types, shapes and colors of upscale, classic and modern furniture at the best competitive prices in the market, and the company seeks to achieve this goal within the framework of Its belief in the necessity of knowing and studying the requirements of its customers in various markets as well as knowing and providing the best services to its customers.


Qasser Al Saraya Furniture offers you all that is new in the world of furniture and the beauty of the house with the most luxurious models and the finest designs imported from bedrooms, living rooms, sofas, curtains, dining tables, TV libraries, accessories, paintings and everything you need to make your home more luxurious than international companies with an international reputation known for the production of high-end furniture such as : Italy, France, Germany, USA, Turkey, Malaysia, and China.

Why Qasser Al-Saraya ?

Our attention to customers does not depend on selling the product only, but because we are distinguished in the services we provide, and the most important of these services is the after-sales service, which the company considers an integral part of the company’s strategy. Therefore, Qasser Al Saraya has been keen to provide approximately 50 technical teams for installations of the most skilled technicians to solve the problem Facing you and taking the necessary measures in line with the company's policies and strategy, and for our constant keenness to satisfy our customers, we were keen to provide a maintenance service guarantee of up to three years.