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What is Tamara's service?

Tamara is a postpaid service with no customer fees. You can buy any product and pay in 3 payments (one payment at the time of ordering and two payments over two months).

Is there a fee or interest on the service?

No, the value of the product will be paid only without any interest. For example, if a product was purchased for the value of 1500 riyals, an amount of 500 riyals will be paid in installments.

How is the payment mechanism?

 Payment is made in installments, the first installment upon purchase, the second installment one month after the purchase process, and the third installment two months after the purchase process.

What is the upper limit for the installment?

The upper limit is that the amount of purchases in the basket should not be more than (5000 riyals).

How is payment made?

Payment is made by (Mada Card, Visa, MasterCard, or Apple Pay), all of which is done through the Tamara website.

I have a problem with payment through Tamara?

If you encounter a problem, please visit the following link 


- What is the “Pay Later with Tappy” service?

   Pay Later You get one monthly bill without having to pay up front. This service is available to a limited number of partners.

- How does the “Pay Later with Tappy” service work?

Pom pom, pom, pom, pom, pom, pom supports you. Here's how to use it:

1. Choose Pay Later at checkout

2. Your email only. It is safe and secure.

3. Obtain various expenses. For example, April 25th to May 24th.

4. Purchase them from our partners' Pay Later business Tabby your spending on the Tabby app.

5. Received a postpaid invoice on the 25th with payment due on the 28th.

6. Review your bill and make the payment with any bank or credit card on Tappy app before the 28th of the month.


- What is the approved limit when using the “Pay Later with Tappy” service?

Tabi adheres to spending habits, which is why this is considered carefully. It depends on the spending limit to pay.

- Record your previous payments with Tappy

- Your remaining balance of non-deleted orders Tapi

- The total purchase amount for your shopping cart

- other


- What are the fees for using Tappy?

Tappy serves you without any added interest or fees all the time.


- Why is my Tappy purchase not approved?

You are committed to buying from the purchase. I declined the purchase after several parties approved this project. This means that criteria are needed to determine demand. Reject and accept operations on the resulting items.

- How can I get approval for new purchases?

Your commitment to paying regularly with Tabby increases chances of approval for future purchases, as well as continuity in future purchase rates.

If you have any previous payments that you have not made, this indicates that they have been accepted.

The cart total for your order may be high, try removing some products and re-paying.

Make sure you only use one Tappy account.

You are making new decisions. It means that the applications received were previously rejected. You can always try to pay with Tappy again.