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Terms & Conditions | Qasser Al Saraya Furniture

(1) Conditions of the contract:

1. In the event the customer requests to cancel the reservation or contract after three days have passed, 5% of the invoice value is deducted as administrative expenses, and the amount is refunded to the customer within (7) working days from the date of cancellation, and a check is issued in the triple name of the invoice holder or a transfer on the account.

2. The original invoice is required when requesting return, replacement or maintenance.

3. In the event of the request and the selection of the payment method, a bank transfer, the request is not considered confirmed until after the payment is confirmed (and the company is not responsible for the product’s exhaustion before the order is confirmed).

4. The application is considered canceled in the event of non-payment within 24 hours of the application.

5. The price of the product on the platform may appear wrong due to some technical issues, or it may be a typographical error or the product information published is incorrect, and in such a case we have the right to cancel your order(s) and re-order again after adjusting the price or information the product.

6. Accepting the request: There are cases in which your request from the site will not be approved for various reasons, as the site reserves the right to refuse or cancel any request for any reason and at any time, and may ask you to do more verifications or provide information, including Including - but not limited to - phone number and address, before your application is approved.

(2) Delivery, installation, exchange and return:

1- The customer must notify the company at least (48) hours in advance if he wants to modify the delivery date, and the new date is at the company’s discretion and according to what is available in the schedule of appointments.

2- The customer must make sure that the dimensions are raised and that the site accommodates the goods, and the company is not responsible for the inappropriateness of the place or colors or the lack of entry of the goods from the main entrances, stairs or doors, and in the event that there is a need for a crane or others, it is at the expense and responsibility of the customer.

3- The company provides the customer with a full thirty days storage period, after which the company has the right to cancel the invoice, and its value will be returned to the customer after deducting the administrative expenses (5%). The customer may also use the value of the invoice to purchase the same items if they are available or any other items, but at their applicable prices at the time of issuing The new invoice.

4- In the event that the customer receives the contents of the invoice and leaves it uninstalled, the company is not responsible for any damage or deficiencies that occur to the goods during the period of leaving them unassembled.

5- Return and exchange only in the event of a manufacturing defect and it shall be reported within 24 hours of delivery if the delivery is through external shipping companies, and if the delivery is via Qasr Al Saraya cars, the customer’s signature on receipt after installation is a statement that the product is free of any defects.

6- In the event that the shipping data is not completed within 3 days, the invoice will be canceled (and the company is not responsible for the product’s expiry).

 (3) Maintenance, disassembly and installation service: -

1- The company provides free maintenance services for a period of 5 years whenever possible for all wooden items covered by maintenance (bedrooms of all kinds - dining tables of all kinds - sofa frames - springs), which are delivered to the customer and installed by Qasr Al Saraya Furniture Company, provided that the use of The items mentioned by the customer himself, and maintenance does not include items not installed by the company and items resulting from the customer’s misuse. It also does not include lighting units and electrical connections. In the event of maintenance that includes spare parts not available in the company, it will be requested from the factory based on the customer’s desire Thus, he bears the price of the parts and the costs of shipping them to the Kingdom, and the company installs them for free, and in the event that the parts are not available for any reason, the company is not responsible for that.

2- The company provides a free maintenance service for a period of (one year) whenever possible on the sponge or the addition of (Melton), when the damage was caused by a reason other than misuse.

 (4) Quality Assurance:

The company guarantees bedroom mattresses for a period of (3) full years - with the agent’s guarantee - from the date of purchasing the invoice, and the company undertakes - in the event of a manufacturing defect in any mattress during the mentioned warranty period - to replace it free of charge provided that the original invoice is preserved.

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