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مفروشات قصر السرايا | Single chair

A sofa chair with an elegant design, made of high quality wood and sturdy materials that are easy to clean. It is considered one of the most beautiful decorative pieces suitable for the home..
S.R 3,050.01
Ex Tax:S.R 2,652.18
Enhance your living space with the modern single sofa chair—a perfect fusion of comfort and contemporary design. Crafted to elevate the ambiance of your living room, this single sofa chair is a testament to sophisticated style and relaxation.Quality takes center stage with a sturdy frame constr..
S.R 580.00
Ex Tax:S.R 504.35
Immerse yourself in unparalleled comfort with our modern single sofa chair, meticulously designed to elevate your living spaces. This comfy single sofa chair, perfect for both the bedroom and living room, seamlessly combines functionality and style.Crafted with precision, the single chair boast..
S.R 1,590.00
Ex Tax:S.R 1,382.61
This comfy single sofa chair is designed with your relaxation in mind.It's an ideal addition to your bedroom, offering a cozy spot to read, unwind, or simply enjoy a quiet moment; Equally, it's a stunning choice as a single sofa chair for the living room, elevating your space with its modern aesthet..
S.R 1,820.00
Ex Tax:S.R 1,582.61
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